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Of all the mistakes you have made, the best are yet to come.

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little trooper sugar kat
little trooper sugar kat is...
An unpublished writer, she'll probably remain that way, only to be discovered thirty years after her death by some English Ph.D. candidate who will gain great fame and renown among academia and the hoity-toit of intelligencia by grossly misinterpreting Sugar Kat's stories.


From the mouth of the (not-so) lil' trooper herself:
I read, I watch television, I miss movies in the theater and wind up watching them on cable, and I have a cat. Give it a few more decades, and I'll be that cat lady, only with fewer cat-themed sweaters. And maybe just the one cat.


little trooper sugar kat does...

...often wonder what the weather is like outside
This is because she is a sad cubicle rat in a windowless cement box who would have no idea if a nuclear holocaust hit, beyond the office internet service disappearing. And then she'd just bitch for an hour before getting back to her sad, sad cubicle-rat work. And then she'd die.


You're feeling happier already, aren't you? We're here to serve, Dear Reader.

...use other people's graphics
Current default
is usually the Cheshire Cat from Disney's version of Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland, by chimizu_icons. It might not be right now. The Cheshire Cat has a way of disappearing and reappearing in a most disconcerting manner.
The rest are credited in the keywords.
You'll note, Dear Reader, the craptacular ones are Sugar Kat's. You may find more of her craptacular icons at sugarkat_icons. Like you care. Or she has time to make any, being a cubicle rat and all.

mood theme: The Office (US) theme by grrliz_icons

...spend too much time thinking about Harry Potter

i"m in gryffindor!

be sorted @ nimbo.net

the Eragon Hatelist...a site for people who prefer to read *good* books
Eragon Sucks

...have a pet cyberhedgehog
Feel free to pet him. He doesn't bite. He is fond of strawberries.
my pet!
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